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The Interview Mastery Online Program : Learn The Tact Of Impressing The Employer In 90 Seconds

The Interview Mastery Online Program

“All of us have given interviews at some point in time, and we will also need to face interviews in the future as well. And getting through the interview is very challenging for many of us. And in India, the scenario is really tight due to cut-throat competition in the industry. Hundreds of aspirants apply just for one position. So, let me tell clear out just one simple fundamental for you: Interview is not a Selection Process, but it is a Rejection Process. It is more about eliminating unfit candidates,” said Amit Agrawal, a well-known Business and Career Coach, during the ‘The Interview Mastery’ Workshop conducted at Times and Trends Academy (TTA).

Amit Agrawal, Founder and Chairman, Times and Trends Academy (TTA), engaged the audience with many industry statistics, interview tips, and his decade-long experience in the industry.

‘The Interview Mastery Online Program’

workshop was attended by students and professionals willing to learn interview tricks that help them improve their career prospects. Mr. Amit asked the audience, “Did you guys know that around 33% of the employers make their decision about their recruitment in the first 90 seconds after seeing the candidate?” He disclosed many such interesting data to the audience. The Interview Mastery Online Program will tell you how to crack the interview with ease.

Mr. Amit continued, “Even when I conduct interviews, I find that the candidate has very little or no knowledge about the company they are applying for. This is a huge turn-off for any employer, and one of the most common grounds for rejecting a candidate. I know many recruiters in the industry, and almost each of them would notice the way the candidate dresses, walks and carries his confidence. Smallest thing can be significant in an interview. The way you enter and take the seat also counts.”

The audience was quite interactive and shot many questions to clear up their doubts during the workshop. Rahul, an Interior Designing student at Times and Trends Academy (TTA), asked, “What makes the most impact at a job interview?” To this, Mr. Amit replied, “Well, I would like to list down three major factors that have a major impact during the interview. The first is the way we dress and present ourselves with a positive body language. The second important factor is our confidence. The way we speak is also very important. Proper voice modulation and grammar leave a positive impact on the employer. The third most important factor is the content. What we say also has a lot of value. If rest of everything is in place, and the content is missing, then that just defeats the purpose.”

“So, all in all, you need all of these three factors to make a positive impact, and eventually crack the interview,” said Mr. Amit. Pooja, one of the aspirants who attended the ‘The Interview Mastery,’ said, “I will be facing a couple of interviews now, and this amazing workshop will be very helpful for me to crack the interviews. I am very confident now. Thank You, Amit Sir, for the amazing guidance.”

Times and Trends Academy (TTA) conducts career-oriented workshops that make students more employable in the industry. Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is one of the most reputed institutes when it comes to courses like Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Jewellery Designing, Event Management and Animation. Amit Agrawal has mentored more than ten thousands of students, entrepreneurs for more than a decade now.

The Interview Mastery Online Program
The Interview Mastery Online Program
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