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Marketing Mastery Online Program

Amit Agrawal, Founder and Chairman, Times and Trends Academy (TTA), made some interesting revelations about marketing in a recently held workshop at Times and Trends Academy (TTA). Amit shared some startling statistics about new brands that are hitting the market every year.

Amit said, “If you look at the pattern, most of the business fail in the first ten years. Around more than 90%. And on the other hand, more than 25k brands hit the market, year on year. So what makes the business a failure?” This question threw the audience into deep thought. And a while after, Amit said, “There are entrepreneurs who have had success, they have made a set of marketing mistakes that can be avoided by the new generation of entrepreneurs. And these successful entrepreneurs have formulated some marketing strategies that are likely to offer you more success. But people tend to make same marketing mistakes that throw them out of business.”

Amit started the workshop on a high note and managed to continue in a similar fashion. The workshop aimed to make students, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals equipped with sound marketing knowledge before they step out in the market. The workshop was a hit with students and aspirants filling the auditorium to its full capacity. More than 300 plus aspirants attended the workshop.

The “Marketing Mastery” workshop is a program that is out of the box, specially designed for aspirants who are not yet ready to step out in the market. The workshop is a one-top solution for all the underlying and unstated problems related to marketing. Amit Agrawal discussed various case studies in depth that threw light on common challenges that start-ups face. He illustrated examples that were easy to relate and comprehend.

Amit Said, “People don’t like to be sold. You cannot throw a product at the customer. People want information. People want experience.” On the similar lines, the concept of ‘Marketing is Teaching’ was introduced to the audience. Amit gave examples to put his point across the audience.

Amit taught some ways that would enable them to magnetize the audience, in a way that appeals to the prospects. He told ways that could help in drafting an intelligent message for the prospects. He said, “The audience should be able to identify that the message has been drafted specially for them. It should connect with the audience.”

Amit stressed that Marketing is Teaching (MIT) informs and educates the prospects. It offers the value first, even when the money has not exchanged hands. He said this is how people will be able to trust with the marketer and the product. “You need to have some credibility,” he exclaimed.

He explained the audience with some concrete data. He said, “97% of the people aren’t looking actively to buy from you. Only 3% are out there to buy the product. And to your surprise, 30% of the people will never buy from you again.” The audience looked quite taken aback by this fact.

Utkarsh Agrawal, a Times and Trends Academy (TTA) student, said, “ I am very happy to learn so many things about marketing. The Marketing is Teaching concept is new to me, and I am very fascinated by its working. I am looking forward to implementing these learning ahead.”

Amit added, “Having no prototypes and SOPs (Standard Operating Systems) can be very detrimental to the firms. If you throw a glance at the successful firms like Mc-Donald’s and KFC, you will know that they have a tight prototyping system. They also have SOPs in place.”

Amit said customers want value for their money. If people can add value to the product, then nothing can beat that. He made this concept of ‘Value’ loud and clear to the audience.

He added, “In order to be a great designer or even an entrepreneur, you need to know how to magnetize the audience. Without which, you will fail to make an impact. And my idea is to make each of my student aware of this fundamental fact. So I hope now this makes the idea of marketing a little more clear to all. This will help them shape careers for all.”

“Marketing Mastery Online Program”

is an amazing workshop organized by Times and Trends Academy (TTA), and is one of many workshops. Series of workshops are held for students and budding entrepreneurs that help them make wise decisions in building their careers and businesses.

Times and Trends Academy (TTA) conducts career-oriented workshops that make students more employable in the industry. Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is one of the most reputed institutes when it comes to courses like Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Jewellery Designing, Event Management and Animation. Amit Agrawal has mentored more than ten thousands of students, entrepreneurs for more than a decade now.

Marketing Mastery Online Program
Marketing Mastery Online Program
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