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Business Mastery Online Program : Building Blocks Of Business

“I meet a lot of these young entrepreneurs during my seminars, and what I understand is that most of these budding entrepreneurs have got the basics wrong. Let me just lay down some basic principles for all these aspiring entrepreneurs,” said Amit Agrawal, a prominent Business Coach in the industry, during the ‘The Business Mastery’ workshop.

‘The Business Mastery Online Program’

workshop was conducted by Mr. Amit Agrawal, Founder and Chairman, Times and Trends Academy (TTA). The workshop was conducted for all aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to start their own ventures sooner or later. The audience also had entrepreneurs who desired to grow their business and expand. Mr. Amit has more than 12 years of experience in the education industry and also happens to be a reputed Business Coach for various domains.

Mr. Amit said, “Taking my decade-long experience into business consulting, I can list down ten important factors that are most essential to running a business.” Amit presented these factors in a powerful presentation.

1. Sell What Customers want, and not what you

Always think of selling a product where the market is already available, and not otherwise. Do not manufacture a pen of a new type; rather manufacture a one that already sells. Give people what they want.

2. Keep Cash Flows on

Never mess with the cash flow. Make sure that once you sell the product, you keep on getting the payment back. Set the ball rolling.

3. Innovative ways to cut down costs

Ways like paying lump sum money to vendors and getting discounts. Effective solutions to save energy. Saving paper work, and other things that save you money.

4. Under-estimate incomes and over-estimate expenses

No matter how good you are at numbers, never stop being a real entrepreneur.

5. Focus on Leads and then Brand Building

Settle down for a top-down approach. Build customers first, and then build the brand.

6. Never lose focus on Profits

  1. More customers.
  2. Price Margin. Figure out what you can do.

7. Prototype

Don’t ever stop trying things, and experimenting things. Prototype is the key. Implement the best practices. Try the batch test, and then go for large scale.

8. Never stop learning

If you want to grow your business, never stop learning. Information is the key.

9. Value > Discount

It is always better to add more value rather than offer a discount that doesn’t really matter anything. The value will get you loyal customers who keep coming back; discount will get you one-time customers.

10. Business Coach

Sometimes, it might so happen that you have difficulty in analysing the situation and seem helpless about the scenario. This is the time you should get a Business Coach who would turn the tables for you.

Amit Agrawal concluded the workshop at Times and Trends Academy (TTA) on a high-note with the powerful presentation. Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is widely recognized for its career-oriented workshops that make students more employable and competent in today’s high-tech industrial world. Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is one of the top most elite institutes when it comes to courses like Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Jewellery Designing, Event Management and Animation.

Business Mastery Online Program
Business Mastery Online Program
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