The Art Of Effective Presentation Workshop By Amit Agrawal At TTA

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The Art Of Effective Presentation : Key Factor To Raise High In Corporate Life

The Art of Effective Presentation

“You don’t get too many chances to demonstrate your capability. You only get one chance to display your talent and potential. Make it count with your effective presentation skills,” said Amit Agrawal during the recent ‘Art of Effective Presentation’ workshop.

The Times and Trends Academy (TTA)’s Founder and Chairman, Amit Agrawal recently conducted the

‘The Art of Effective Presentation’

workshop for the students of Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Jewellery Designing, Event Management and Animation courses at the institute. Mr. Amit, known as one of the best presenters and speakers in the industry, enlightened the students about how effectively presenting their ideas will help them be successful in the Professional World.

“The Art of Effective Presentation is all about how well you represent your thoughts on any given subject and how well your target audience understands it. The most important thing to note here is that the art of impactful exhibition of the topic will provide you with an opportunity to connect with the people directly,” says Mr. Amit.

 “As far as my experience being a successful, engaging presenter goes, the compelling and captivating presentation reflects your thorough knowledge about the particular domain. You need to be precise to create an impression on your audience’s mind. It is a very powerful weapon bridge the gap between your business and the potential customers.”

“Everyone knows about the Apple Co-Founder and Chairman, Steve Jobs. During his days and even till today, he is touted to be one of the World-class presenters of all times. Well, let me tell you the reason behind this, which is very simple. While selling any of his products, Steve Jobs would not just sell it; he would make every potential customer realize the difference, the new gadget will make in their lives with his excellent Art of Presentation.”

Mr. Amit shared many such examples about how the effective presentation skills will help an individual to raise high with the right amount of professionalism. He also stressed on the fact that the brilliant presentation skills will help the students to make their mark after they start their corporate journey.

 “Learning good presentation skills will help you to increase your chances of quicker appraisals in your career. This particular skillset will assist you during your corporate sales meetings and thus, will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your astounding communication and create an impact on others.”

“Last but not the least, the most important thing to effectively presenting a given topic is to include graphical demonstrations. ‘Less is always good!’ A perfect Presentation should consist of images, cue cards, bullet points, pie charts, and all the powerful tools at your disposal. It’s all about hitting the Bull’s eye in shortest time frame possible. Be it impressing your boss, winning a client or imparting the training, an effective presentation will always help you be a winner. So, how about knowing few powerful presentation tips?” asked Amit, Times and Trends Academy (TTA)’s Founder and Chairman during the workshop.

Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is widely recognized for its career-oriented workshops that make students more employable and competent in today’s high-tech industrial world. Times and Trends Academy (TTA) is one of the top most elite institutes when it comes to courses like Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Jewellery Designing, Event Management and Animation.

The Art Of Effective Presentation
The Art Of Effective Presentation
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