The Art Of Effective Communication By Amit Agrawal At TTA Pune, India

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The Art Of Effective Communication : A Ladder To Success

“Let me share some interesting insights with you. All of us use electricity, right? And the guy who invented electricity, Michael Faraday, was not just a genius because he invented electricity, but also because he was able to communicate his invention and benefits effectively. Back then, it was so difficult to convince people. If he had failed to convince people, maybe he wouldn’t have been successful ever, and we would have been in dark ages. So his skills in explaining the public at large made him more successful.”

“Communication is a very powerful weapon in your arsenal,” continued Amit. “Many products and services are a success today not just because they have great features, but also because their features were communicated effectively to their consumers and other stakeholders. We might not even know that some good products have been disastrous just because the communication failed drastically.”

“Just look at Tata Nano. The product just bombed because the communication failed. They marketed the car as ‘the cheapest car.’ The car was expected to top the sales chart, but it the reality was quite different. And although the car had good features at an affordable price, it failed because the market couldn’t accept a car with such tag on it. Had the marketing campaign been designed differently, it would have been a hit. So, a lot of stakes are placed on communication.”

Amit shared many such examples that really made the importance of effective communication crystal clear. He stressed on the facts that communication is not necessarily for firms or just companies. It is equally applicable to every individual. “With communication, you learn to how to place your point well. Students, professionals, entrepreneurs will benefit with effective communication. It’s about sending the message very clearly to the audience so that they understand the intention clearly.”

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The Art Of Effective Communication
The Art Of Effective Communication
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